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 Tangled 长发公主

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PostSubject: Tangled 长发公主   Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:53 am

Tangled is a 2010 American computer animated fantasy musical film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The film features the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy and is loosely based on the German fairy tale "Rapunzel" by the Brothers Grimm.[4]
The film was originally titled and marketed as Rapunzel until it was changed to Tangled shortly before its release. It premiered in theatres and in 3D cinemas on November 24, 2010,[5] after six years of production and a cost that has been estimated at $260 million[2] which, if accurate, would make it the most expensive animated feature film ever made.


A drop of sunlight falls to the ground and a magical flower grows. It can heal the sick and injured and an old woman named Gothel finds it and uses it to keep herself young for years. Centuries pass and a kingdom grows. The Queen, while giving birth becomes sick and so the flower is found. She is healed and gives birth to a daughter named Rapunzel. Later that night, Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and hides her in a tower, and raises her as her own child. Rapunzel grows up believing Gothel is her mother. Gothel knew that if Rapunzel's magical hair was cut, it would turn brown and lose its magic. Every year on Rapunzel's birthday, her kingdom sends thousands of lanterns into the sky wishing their lost princess would return. On her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel asks Gothel to let her see the floating lights, but Gothel says no because the world is full of dangers.
Meanwhile, thieves led by Flynn Rider steal the tiara of the missing princess from the castle and are chased by the kingdom guards. During the chase, Maximus the Horse is separated from his rider the Captain of the Guards and continues the search for Flynn on his own. Flynn outwits his accomplices by taking the tiara; he abandons them and stumbles upon Rapunzel's tower. Once inside the tower, Flynn is knocked unconscious by Rapunzel with a frying pan. She hides Flynn and his satchel, with the tiara inside.
When Gothel returns, Rapunzel requests a special paint for her birthday instead. Gothel leaves for a three-day journey to bring the gift. Then Rapunzel makes a deal with Flynn: a journey to the "lights" in exchange for the tiara. Flynn attempts to make Rapunzel end their journey by taking her to the Snuggly Duckling Parlor. It is full of Viking thugs, but they are charmed by Rapunzel.
Gothel sees Maximus riderless and worries someone will find Rapunzel. She returns to the tower to find Rapunzel gone. Meanwhile, the guards invade the tavern, but the thugs help the pair escape. The pursuit ends at a dam, which Maximus caused to collapse. Flynn and Rapunzel are trapped in a flooding cave. Believing he's about to die, Flynn admits his true name: Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel admits she has magic hair that glows when she sings. When it glows, they find a way out. Later around a campfire, Rapunzel heals Eugene's cut with her magic hair. When Eugene goes to gather firewood, Gothel secretly meets Rapunzel. Gothel tells Rapunzel that Eugene doesn't care for her, he only wants the tiara; giving her the satchel, Gothel insists that Rapunzel test Eugene by giving it to him.
The next morning, Maximus confronts Eugene, but to Eugene's dismay Rapunzel befriends the horse. The three arrive at the kingdom and that night Eugene takes Rapunzel to see the lanterns. There, Rapunzel gives Eugene back his satchel. Eugene spies his former accomplices and leaves Rapunzel waiting as he gives them the tiara back. However, the pair knock him out, tie him on a boat and sail him across the lake. They reveal Eugene's "betrayal" to Rapunzel as they attempt to kidnap her for her hair's power, but Gothel rescues her and they return to the tower. Later, Eugene is arrested and sentenced to death. Maximus brings the Snuggly Duckling Parlor thugs to rescue Eugene, and horse and rider race to the tower.
From various clues she finds during her adventure, Rapunzel realizes she is the long-lost princess and attempts to flee the tower. Gothel binds her, and when Eugene arrives, Gothel stabs him. Rapunzel swears to keep fighting Gothel unless she is allowed to heal Eugene's wound. Gothel agrees but before she heals him Eugene cuts Rapunzel's hair short with a piece of broken mirror: Rapunzel's hair turns brown and loses its magic. Gothel rapidly begins to age. While delirious, she trips and falls from the tower turning into dust before she hits the ground. Eugene slowly dies in Rapunzel's arms. Heartbroken, she cries and a teardrop filled with her magic lands on his cheek and revives him. The two embrace and kiss. Back at the kingdom, the royal family has a tearful reunion and the king and queen pull Eugene into their embrace. Years later, Eugene and Rapunzel are married. Along the way, the pub thugs fulfill their individual dreams and Maximus becomes a respected official on the Royal Guard. At the end of the movie Eugene and Rapunzel share their second kiss.


Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
Zachary Levi as Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider
Donna Murphy as Gothel
Brad Garrett as Hook-Hand Thug
Ron Perlman as the Stabbington Brothers
Jeffrey Tambor as Big Nose Thug
Richard Kiel as Vladamir
M. C. Gainey as Captain of the Guard
Paul F. Tompkins as Short Thug

迪斯尼全新3D动画电影《长发公主》讲述了一个被巫婆关在高塔里的长发女孩逃出去后发生的故事.曼迪·摩尔(Mandy Moore)将为女主角“莴苣”(Rapunzel)配音,扎克瑞·莱维(Zachary Levi)将为男主角配音。

《长发公主》Rapunzel 编剧:格林兄弟 Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Carl Grimm
  Mark Kennedy
  Dean Wellins
  主演:曼迪·摩尔 扎克瑞·莱维 大卫·克罗斯
  荷兰 Netherlands 2010年12月1日
  法国 France 2010年12月1日
  墨西哥 Mexico 2010年12月10日


长发公主 剧照(20张)一位路过的王子,王子天天来与她相聚,不料被巫婆发现,于是巫婆剪了姑娘的长发,并害王子瞎了双眼,几经波折之后,这对爱侣才终于在异地相逢。作为闻名世界的经典童话故事,《长发公主》已多次被改编为动画,长发公主和白雪公主、灰姑娘、小美人鱼等也成为迪斯尼的经典美人形象。此次,迪斯尼“旧瓶装新酒”再用经典童话,宣告迪斯尼动画制作向3D的世界进军的时代降临。

  2008年4月8日,迪斯尼和皮克斯共同在纽约大学的史葛柏艺术表演中心召开记者招待会,公布了在2008-2012年四年中将要制作包括《飞屋环游记》、《闪电狗》、《公主和青蛙》、《汽车总动员2》、《蝾螈》、《熊与弓》、《精灵王子》等在内的10部动画长片的制作计划,其中3D动画成为核心,《长发公主》正是此次系列动画制作中的一部。记者招待会由迪斯尼制作公司主席Dick Cook及迪斯尼和皮克斯公司首席创意官John Lasster共同主持。
  Cook曾表示:“我们对现在公布的每一部动画计划都无比激动和骄傲。当那些 长发公主精彩绝伦的动画越来越多的出自于绘图板和电脑屏幕时,我们意识到,这是一个绝好的机会让全世界的观众再次领略迪斯尼的魅力。”
  《长发公主》根据《格林童话》里的经典篇章《莴苣》改编,讲述了一个有着70英尺长头发的女孩被巫婆囚禁在高塔上的故事。迪士尼近十年前就开始了这个计划,但直到约翰·拉塞特(John Lasseter)入主动画部门以后,一切才走上正轨。
  现在《长发公主》的导演已经被换成布莱恩·霍华德(Byron Howard)和纳桑·格莱诺(Nathan Greno),本片虽是3D CG动画,但是将会充满2维油画质感。此外和《公主与青蛙》一样,本片也会走90年代迪士尼传统动画辉煌时期的歌舞音乐剧模式。《长发公主》更是请到了迪士尼90年代动画音乐功臣,8座奥斯卡得主艾伦.孟肯(Alan Menken)为其作曲。 长发公主迪士尼首部3维童话动画大作《长发公主》,自2003年开始筹备以来,经历了导演变动,剧本改动等风波,成为迪士尼动画历史上制作周期最长的动画片之一。而跟着 2010年末上映日期的邻近,一些关于本片的细节也一一浮出水面。迪士尼新开办的兴趣者杂志《迪士尼23》第二期就对《长发公主》进行了专题先容,除了曝光了新的主角设计图,还对本片的两位导演进行了专访,为人们揭开了这部三维童话大作的神秘面纱。
  二位导演表示迪士尼动画版的《长发公主》较原著比拟空间更为广阔,会有更多的笑料。事实上,迪士尼对格林童话中的原著进行了很大的改动,主人公“长发公主”并不会像故事书里写的那样大部门时间被关在高塔里,而将在动画版的第一镜结束时就离开高塔,去外面广阔的世界冒险。这部影片的核心就在于你不能指望你可以在一座封锁的塔里过一辈子,你得去体验外面的大千世界。而尽管这部动画让主人公——长发公主很早就挣脱的高塔对其身体上的囚禁,但让长发公主彻底挣脱 高塔对其精神上封锁却是需要时间的,这也是本片要探讨的。导演Byron Howard说“她就像长期被关在室内的猫,一旦你放其出去要再把其抓归来就难了。能拥有这样一个无邪无瑕但又十分机灵的角色真的是一件非常棒的事情。”
  导演Nathan Greno表示在风格上,《长发公主》将与50年代的迪士尼经典产生共识,他说到“我和Byron Howard都是迪士尼乐园迷,尤其是幻想世界(Fantasay Land),在幻想世界里的良多建筑有着强烈的50年代迪士尼经典风格,50年代迪士尼经典动画《仙履奇缘》是一部吸惹人并且极具风格化的作品。我们 长发公主就是在研究这种风格,John Lasseter支持我们这么做。我们向他展示了我们研究的一切,从屋子,交通工具,马到各个角色。” 二位导演都以为他们在对待《长发公主》时已经用到了之前制作动画的一些经验,好比他们都介入了《闪电狗》的制作。在《闪电狗》里他们学到的重要的一点,即在一部三维动画里,角色可能看起来太“真实”了,这就会让观众脱离动画的幻想世界,起到消极效果。他们在制作《长发公主》时力求寻找到一个平衡点,让动画看起来不要太像真人片子,也不要太像卡通。
  而一部杰出的迪士尼动画怎么能少了美妙动人的音乐了,迪士尼音乐巨匠,8座奥斯卡得主Alan Menken和作词Glenn Slater正在一起为《长发公主》谱写动人乐章。Byron 谈到“我们刚接手这个项目的时候就知道《长发公主》将是一部音乐剧风格的迪士尼动画。”Nathan则大赞Alan Menken其实太棒了:“他为我们谱写的一首动人的摇篮曲,长发公主和她的母亲Gothel会一起唱这首歌,而她们唱这首歌时就会激活长发公主头发,使它布满魔法(岂非就是这样变长的?)。这首歌里有一句词You are my forever(你是我的永恒)。片中不同人唱到这句词时会有不同的意义,有时它是王子Flynn和长发公主的定情歌,有时它是长发公主母亲

角色形象(11张)Gothel 表达对长发公主据有欲的歌曲,这真是一首美妙的曲子。”
  在《迪士尼23》采访期间,两位导演正在忙着片中王子Flynn的角色设计。他们已经有了多个版本的王子Flynn,John Lasseter会过来看看他们的样稿。John Lasseter指示他们必需要让王子这个角色足够棒,甚至提议2位导演召集工作室的所有女员工,把她们心中的优秀帅气男士的名字写下来,然后将这些男的的优秀特征结合,来得到《长发公主》里的王子Flynn。 “假如我们能够经得起时间对我们的考验,这部影片将会是1部经典之作”,Nathan 表示“这也是John Lasster向我们灌注贯注的一个概念。”
  两位导演对他们的这部《长发公主》有着很好的期待,他们但愿这部影片能像其它迪士尼经典动画一样在迪士尼乐园里找到自己的位置。Bryon说“或许我们某一天去幻想乐园的时候能看到《长发公主》的高塔,影片的音乐也一样,我们但愿人们漫步在迪士尼乐园里,听到本片的音乐,然后就迅速反应过来这是《长发公主》。我们和John Lasster讨论过我们对这部影片在迪士尼乐园的期望,John Lasster对我们微笑着告诉我们现在仍是把所有精力放在片子的制作上。”

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Tangled 长发公主
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