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 Britney Spears - ‘HOW I ROLL’ TEASER

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PostSubject: Britney Spears - ‘HOW I ROLL’ TEASER   Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:02 am

Dr. Luke posted another new song snippet on his Twitter called ‘How I Roll’. The producer are Bloodshy and Avant. Check the click out below.


美国当地时间2月23日,《Femme Fatale》监制Dr. Luke发布Britney新曲《How I Roll》30秒预览,点击土豆试听。

这首歌曲由《Toxic》以及《Piece Of Me》的制作人Bloodshy & Avant打造,曲风十分跳跃,曲调十分霸道十分勾人,BCN表示已经爱不释手,不愧是B&A的作品!

Source:UTB & BritneyChina
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Britney Spears - ‘HOW I ROLL’ TEASER
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