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 Hereafter 通灵感应

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PostSubject: Hereafter 通灵感应   Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:26 pm

Hereafter is a 2010 American drama fantasy film directed by Clint Eastwood, executive produced by Steven Spielberg and from a screenplay by Peter Morgan. The film tells three parallel stories about three people affected by death in different ways; Matt Damon plays American factory worker George, who is somehow able to communicate with the dead; Cécile de France plays French television journalist Marie, who survives a tsunami; and Frankie and George McLaren play Marcus and Jason, an English boy and his elder twin brother. Bryce Dallas Howard, Lyndsey Marshal, Jay Mohr, and Thierry Neuvic have supporting roles.
Morgan sold the script on spec to DreamWorks in 2008, but it transferred to Warner Bros. by the time Eastwood (who has a long-standing relationship with Warner Bros.) had signed on to direct in 2009. Principal photography ran from October 2009 to February 2010 on locations in London, San Francisco, Paris, and Hawaii.
Hereafter premiered as a "Special Presentation" at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2010. The film was given a limited release on October 15, 2010; the film was released nationwide in North America on October 22, 2010.


On assignment in Thailand, French television journalist Marie Lelay (Cécile de France) is shopping for souvenirs for her lover's children. She finds a stand where a mother and her daughter work; they sell gifts to Marie for a dollar. Her lover Didier (Thierry Neuvic) looks over the balcony and witnesses the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami coming into shore. It hits as Marie watches from a distance. She grabs hold of the girl and runs away from the shore but is quickly swallowed up by the tidal wave. Pulled lifeless from the water, she is resuscitated by rescuers but is left for dead. She gasps back to life after having a near-death experience in which she sees a vision of human figures inhabiting a realm of light, among them the silhouettes of the mother and daughter holding hands. Marie and Didier are soon reunited as the disaster subsides and they return to Paris. Marie's experience, however, interferes with her work performance to the point that Didier (who is also her producer) sells her on taking a leave of absence and writing the book they've discussed, which would add to her prestige.
The story then turns to San Francisco where former professional psychic George Lonegan (Matt Damon) is persuaded against his wishes to perform a reading for Christos (Richard Kind), a wealthy client of his brother Billy (Jay Mohr). A genuine medium with a gift for communicating with the dead, George abandoned his old career because he was unable to deal with the emotional impact of the reunions and the often disturbingly intimate family secrets revealed. While doing the reading, George hears the name June. Christos at first denies that it means anything, but privately reveals to Billy that June was the name of his late wife's nurse, whom he was in love with for ten years.
From there, 12-year-old London twins Marcus and Jason (Frankie and George McLaren) try desperately to prevent their alcoholic, heroin-addicted mother, Jackie (Lyndsey Marshal), from losing them to social services. After evading the authorities yet again, the boys' mother sends Jason to the chemist (pharmacist) to pick up her detox prescription. On the way home, Jason is attacked by street thugs, and while trying to escape, he is hit by a van and killed. No longer able to protect his mother, and barely able to cope with life without the brother he idolizes, Marcus is sent to a foster home.
Now writing a book and with more time to contemplate her near-death experience, Marie travels to Switzerland to meet a renowned specialist in the field. As the director of a hospice who has seen her share of dying patients, the doctor describes herself as a former skeptic who was convinced by the evidence that the afterlife exists and that people like Marie have had a genuine view of it. She persuades Marie to write a book on her experience in the hope that the scientific community will ultimately accept the reality of life beyond death.
Desperate for one last reunion with his twin brother, Marcus steals money from his foster parents (Niamh Cusack and George Costigan) and goes around London seeking someone to help him contact Jason. He encounters only frauds and pretenders. While he is trying to board the underground at Charing Cross, Jason's cap, which has become a talisman for Marcus, blows off his head. Delayed by trying to find the cap, he misses his train and sees it explode in the tunnel during the 2005 London Bombings. [The exterior scenes, although labelled "Charing Cross Station", are in fact filmed at Liverpool Street station. Ironically, there was in reality no bomb at Charing Cross, but there was one on the line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.]
George enrolls in a cooking class taught by one of San Francisco's leading chefs. Its students are paired-up, resulting in George being partnered with a young woman named Melanie (Bryce Dallas Howard). The two soon hit it off and after attending their second class decide to put their new culinary skills to use by preparing an Italian dinner at George's place. All goes well until they hear an ill-timed phone message from his brother, which inclines George to reveal his past as a psychic to Melanie. Curious, she presses George to do a reading for her. George explains his reluctance, but acquiesces. They contact the spirit of Melanie's father, who ends the session by asking her forgiveness for what he did to her as a child. Melanie flees George's home in tears, and she doesn't return to the cooking class.
Having been in talks with a publisher before her trip to Thailand about a biography of François Mitterrand, Marie now stuns them with her new manuscript entitled "Hereafter: A Conspiracy of Silence". The publisher (Jean-Yves Berteloot) rejects the manuscript but soon steers her toward other publishers who might be interested, the most promising of them in London.
Marie learns from Didier that he does not intend on having her back at the job he urged her to take leave of and is, in fact, having an affair with the woman who replaced her on the TV news program.
George is laid off from his factory job. Still heartbroken over the fiasco with Melanie, he rejects his brother's proposal of reviving his psychic practice and impulsively leaves San Francisco to make a new start elsewhere. He travels to London and listens every night to audiobook readings by Derek Jacobi of Charles Dickens' works. As a Dickens' devotee, he also visits the Dickens Museum and attends a live reading of Dickens at the London Book Fair. There, one of the presenters is Marie, reading her now published book, Hereafter. While handing a signed copy of her book to George, their hands touch and George has a psychic flash of Marie's tsunami drowning.
Marcus and his foster parents are also at the London Book Fair. Asking leave of them, Marcus spots George, someone he has read about and seen online. Marcus attempts to speak with the medium, who brushes him off and returns to his hotel. Marcus follows him, standing outside the hotel until nightfall. Eventually George asks him in and agrees to do his reading.
Through George, Jason tells Marcus that he is happy in the afterlife. He instructs Marcus to stop wearing his cap. It was used, he says, to keep Marcus from the doomed train but now he must stand on his own. Jason tells him not to fear this "because we are one". As Marcus leaves George, he says he is sorry about "the French woman" as he could tell that "you like her." The last time we see Marcus, he is visiting his mother in a rehab center. He is not wearing Jason's cap.
Marcus lets George know where Marie is staying. George leaves an anonymous note for Marie, saying he believes her book to be true. She decides to join the anonymous fan for lunch and discovers George. Their shared glimpses of the hereafter having made them appreciate this life all the more, George and Marie walk away hand-in-hand as the movie ends.


Matt Damon as George Lonegan, an American factory worker and "a reluctant psychic [...] who can speak to the dead but prefers not to".[3][4] Damon previously starred in Eastwood's Invictus, and was cast in Hereafter because Eastwood was so impressed by him.[5] The original Hereafter production schedule clashed with Damon's filming commitments to The Adjustment Bureau, so he emailed Eastwood, suggesting that the director recast the role of George for either Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Hayden Christensen or Josh Brolin. Instead, Eastwood altered the filming schedule to accommodate Damon, and the actor was able to complete both films.[6]
Cécile de France as Marie Lelay, a French television journalist who survives a tsunami.[3][7]
Frankie and George McLaren as Marcus and Jason, twin brothers. Jason is killed in a car accident early in the film, and Marcus later attempts to contact him in the afterlife.[8] Eastwood selected the two actors to play the brothers despite them having never acted before because he did not want "child actors who'd been over-instructed in Child Acting 101."[6]
Lyndsey Marshal as Jackie, Marcus and Jason's drug-addicted single mother.[7]
Thierry Neuvic as Didier, Marie's lover. Neuvic was on holiday in Corsica in September 2009 when he was called to audition for a role in the film. His audition, which took place at a Paris hotel, lasted 15 minutes, and he read two scenes for Eastwood. Most of Neuvic's scenes were filmed in Paris.[9]
Bryce Dallas Howard as Melanie, a woman with whom George tries to start a relationship.[6][10]
Mylène Jampanoï[11] as Reporter Jasmine
Jenifer Lewis[12] as Candace, Christos' neighbor of whom he tells about George's psychic reading; she comes to ask for his assistance in contacting her dead child.
Marthe Keller as a doctor and the director of a hospice in Switzerland who speaks with Marie.
Jay Mohr as Billy Lonegan, George's older brother.[13]
Derek Jacobi appears as himself in a cameo appearance.[14] He reads Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit at the London Book Fair.
Niamh Cusack[15] as Marcus' foster mother
George Costigan as Marcus' foster father
Richard Kind as Christos Andrews, a wealthy client of Billy's who asks Billy for George's psychic assistance.
Jean-Yves Berteloot as Michel, Marie's publisher.
Steven R. Schirripa as Carlos, the cooking instructor

片名: 通灵感应/生死接触/从今以后
  主演: 马特·达蒙布莱丝·达拉斯·霍华德
  年份: 2010 年
  地区: 欧美
  语言: 英语

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Hereafter 通灵感应
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