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 Tron: Legacy

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PostSubject: Tron: Legacy   Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:02 am

Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, released on December 16, 2010 in Australia and December 17, 2010 in North America and Europe. It is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron. Joseph Kosinski makes his feature film directorial debut with Tron: Legacy, while the previous film's director, Steven Lisberger, returns as a producer. Jeff Bridges reprises his roles as Kevin Flynn and Clu, while Bruce Boxleitner reprises his roles as Alan Bradley and Tron. Garrett Hedlund portrays Flynn's adult son, Sam.[7] The other cast members include Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen, and James Frain.[8] The film's soundtrack was composed by the electronic music duo Daft Punk.


In 1989, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), an innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International, disappears. Twenty years later, his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), who became ENCOM's controlling shareholder after his father's disappearance, takes little interest in the company besides an annual practical joke on the board of directors. Sam is visited by his father's friend and ENCOM executive Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), who urges Sam to investigate a mysterious page originating from Flynn's old arcade. While exploring the shuttered arcade, Sam discovers a concealed computer laboratory and unintentionally transports himself to the Grid, a virtual world inside the computer.
Sam is captured and taken to the game arena, where he is pitted against Rinzler, the champion of the games. During their duel, Rinzler notices that Sam is not a Program, but rather a User. Rinzler takes Sam before Clu, a digital copy of Kevin Flynn, who rules over the Grid. Clu nearly kills Sam in a Light Cycle match before Quorra (Olivia Wilde) rescues him. Taken to a distant, off-grid hideout in the "Outlands," Sam is reunited with his father.
Flynn explains that he had been working on a new, "perfect" system and had appointed Clu as its co-creator. After much work, Flynn discovered a new series of sentient "isomorphic algorithms" (ISOs), self-produced Programs that carried the potential to unlock mysteries in science, religion, and medicine. Clu considered these Programs to be an imperfection so he betrayed Flynn, defeated Tron (who sacrificed himself to give Kevin enough time to escape) and had the ISOs wiped out. Flynn also revealed that while he hid from Clu, the portal back to the real world had closed, making him captive of his own creation until Sam re-opened it from the outside.
Resolving to make it back to the real world where he would be able to delete Clu, Sam makes his way back onto The Grid to find a Program named Zuse, who he believes can provide safe passage to the portal. The End of Line Club owner, Castor (Michael Sheen), reveals himself to be Zuse and, instead of helping Sam, betrays him to Clu's guards. Though Flynn and Quorra arrive just in time to help Sam escape, Quorra is grievously wounded and Zuse gains possession of Flynn's identity disc. Knowing the disc works as a master key to The Grid, Zuse attempts to use it to bargain with Clu, but Clu simply takes it and destroys the club. Flynn and Sam save the injured Quorra and stow away aboard a freighter heading towards the portal. While Flynn heals Quorra, he reveals her to be the last surviving ISO.
The three unexpectedly arrive at a station aboard a massive warship and encounter Rinzler. As Quorra attempts to distract him, Flynn recognizes Rinzler as a reprogrammed Tron (whom he believed to have been killed by Clu). Elsewhere on the ship, Clu addresses his army, expressing his desire to enter the real world and "perfect" it. Sam saves Quorra from Rinzler and reclaims Flynn's disc. The trio then commandeer an aerial shuttle and escape, but Clu, Rinzler and several guards pursue them in Light Jets. Between Quorra's evasive flying and Sam manning the rear turret, the three manage to shoot down the guards. As Rinzler moves to destroy the shuttle, he makes eye contact with Flynn and his original identity as Tron suddenly resurfaces. Declaring, "I fight for the Users," Tron deliberately collides with Clu's Light Jet, destroying both vehicles. As the two fall, Clu wrestles away Tron's spare baton, creates another Light Jet, and continues to the portal. Tron plunges into the Sea of Simulation, where the illumination on his armor reverts from orange to its original white.
Sam, Flynn and Quorra finally reach the portal, only to find Clu blocking their path. After attempting to reason with Clu, Flynn sacrifices himself to end the impasse, pulling Clu toward him and causing the two to merge, while Sam and Quorra use Flynn's disc to travel through the portal back to the real world. Flynn and Clu merge, causing a massive explosion that destroys the portal.
Back in the basement of Flynn's arcade, Sam backs up the system onto his flash drive and powers it off. He then meets Alan and tells him that he will start working at ENCOM, and, as the controlling interest shareholder, he will name Alan chairman of the board. Quorra meets Sam outside, and the two take off on his motorcycle. The movie ends with Sam showing Quorra the sunrise she has longed to see.


Garrett Hedlund and Jeff Bridges on the Tron: Legacy panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International.
Further information: List of Tron characters
Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the former CEO of ENCOM International and creator of the popular arcade game Tron, which was based on his own experiences in ENCOM's virtual environment. He disappeared in 1989 while developing "a digital frontier that will reshape humanity as we know it".[9] Bridges also portrays the film's villain, Clu (Codified Likeness Utility), a more advanced incarnation of Flynn's original hacking program of the same name. Flynn designed this version of Clu to act as an "exact duplicate of himself" within The Grid.[10]
Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn and majority owner of ENCOM. While investigating his father's disappearance, Sam is transported onto The Grid himself.[7]
Owen Best plays the seven-year-old Sam Flynn.
Olivia Wilde as Quorra, a program, adept warrior and confidante of Kevin Flynn in The Grid. Flynn refers to her as his "apprentice," and has imparted volumes of information to her regarding the world outside of The Grid, which she longs to experience for herself. Wilde describes Quorra as being like Joan of Arc, a child warrior, with innocence and optimism, led by some greater power.[11][12][13] Her hairstyle was also influenced by singer Karen O.[11] Wilde also explained that although "[Quorra] could have just been another slinky, vampy temptress" it was important for her to appeal to both men and women.[11][13][14]
Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley, an executive consultant for ENCOM International,[15] close friend of Kevin Flynn, and a surrogate father figure for Sam.[9] After receiving a cryptic page from the office at the shuttered Flynn's Arcade, he encourages Sam to investigate its origin. Boxleitner also portrays Tron, a security program originally developed by Bradley to monitor ENCOM's Master Control Program, and later reassigned by Flynn to defend The Grid. He also voices Rinzler, an adept masked warrior working for Clu.
Michael Sheen as Castor, a vivacious and renowned program in The Grid who runs the End of Line Club at the top of a tower in the system.[16] Sheen describes his performance as containing elements of performers such as: Ziggy Stardust; Joel Grey from Cabaret; and a bit of Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Show.
James Frain as Jarvis, Clu's right-hand program and chief intelligence officer.[19]
Daft Punk as two masked DJ programs at Castor's End of Line Club.



  主人公是27岁的“萨姆”(Sam Flynn),他是第一部里“凯文·弗林”的儿子,由加内特·赫德兰扮演。萨姆 ·弗林为了寻找失踪多年的父亲,进入了格斗游戏中,然后见到了在这个“电子世界”生活了25年的父亲和女主角,之后3人共同展开一段生死大冒险。杰夫·布里奇斯(Jeff Bridges)会继续扮演他当年在《电子世界争霸战》里的角色“凯文·弗林”(Kevin Flynn),在老版中扮演标题人物“Tron”的布鲁斯·鲍克斯雷特纳(Bruce Boxleitner)也将回归。该片将设立2D、3D两种场景。

  约瑟夫·科金斯基(Joseph Kosinski)
  亚当·霍罗威茨(Adam Horowitz )
  布赖恩·克卢格曼(Brian Klugman )
  爱德华·基齐斯(Edward Kitsis )
  李·施特恩塔尔(Lee Sternthal )
  史蒂文·利斯伯吉尔(Steven Lisberger )
  邦尼·麦克伯德(Bonnie MacBird)
  加内特·赫德兰 Garrett Hedlund ....Sam Flynn
  奥利维亚·王尔德 Olivia Wilde ....Quorra
  杰夫·布里吉斯 Jeff Bridges ....Kevin Flynn / Clu 2.0
  麦克·辛 Michael Sheen ....Castor
  杰姆斯·弗莱明 James Frain ....Jarvis
  布鲁斯·巴克林纳 Bruce Boxleitner ....Alan Bradley
  赛琳达·斯万 Serinda Swan ....Siren
  碧儿·加勒特 Beau Garrett ....Siren Jem
  亚雅·达科斯塔 Yaya DaCosta ....Siren
  Amy Esterle ....Young Mrs. Flynn
  Brandon Jay McLaren ....Sobel

  Daft Punk


  《创:战纪》剧照(5张) 迪士尼斥资3亿美元打造的影史最贵电影之一《电子世界争霸战:遗产》。 本片是1982年经典科幻片《电子世界争霸战》的续集,老版《电子世界争霸战》讲述一个电脑程序员进入电脑,被迫在自己开发的游戏中作战的故事。该片是第一部采用电脑生成图像(CG)和真人结合的方式完成特效的电影,被认为是开创了CG制作电影的新纪元。拍摄成3D立体版本的《电子世界争霸战2》在服装、场景、机械设定上最大限度的保留了老版的外形,在致敬经典的同时,新版“电子世界”中炫丽的视觉效果则更为华丽夺目。
  《电子世界争霸战:遗产》由广告导演约瑟夫·科金斯基执导,其前作的编剧史蒂文·利斯伯吉尔将作为顾问参与制作。前作的主演杰夫·布里吉斯继续扮演他当年在《电子世界争霸战》里的角色“凯文·弗林”(Kevin Flynn),在老版中扮演标题人物“Tron”的布鲁斯·巴克林纳也将回归。
  2010-04-08 最新消息:
  迪士尼已经迫不及待地开始为它筹备续集,该片编剧Eddy Kitsis和Adam Horowitz(同时也是电视剧《迷失》的编剧)更是已经开始创作续集的剧本了。
  据报道,迪士尼计划把《电子世界争霸战》弄成一个“三部曲”,尽管目前导演约瑟夫·科金斯基(Joseph Kosinski)和几位主演还没有签署协议确认回归第三部,但他们在拍《电子世界争霸战:遗产》前签的合约里面已经包含了续集选项。
  《电子世界争霸战:遗产》(Tron Legacy)由杰夫·布里奇斯(Jeff Bridges)、加勒特·赫德兰(Garrett Hedlund)、奥莉维亚·王尔德(Olivia Wilde)主演,将于2010年12月17日以2D、3D和IMAX 3三种形式上映。

  除了炫到爆的视效冲击外,《创:战纪》让人印象最深刻的还有它的原声配乐。由法国著名双人电子乐队Daft Punk(蠢朋克)打造的电子乐,简直跟影片的整体氛围是天作之合:强劲的电音与影片炫酷的电子世界遥相辉映,配上IMAX出色的音响效果,让影迷仿佛置身迪厅,无法不嗨。值得一提的是,影片中宙斯房间里打碟的两位DJ造型,与Daft Punk的经典机器人造型如出一辙,相信不少乐迷在这里会收获不一样的感动。

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Tron: Legacy
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