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 The Cape (2011 TV series)

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The Cape (2011 TV series) The-cape-poster_556x313

The Cape is an American superhero drama series. It premiered on NBC during the 2010–2011 television season as a midseason replacement beginning with a 2-hour pilot episode on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 9pm Eastern and Pacific Time. An encore played on Monday, January 10, with follow-up episodes continuing on Monday evenings in the 9 pm timeslot beginning on January 17.NBC subsequently cut the total number of episodes to be aired from 13 to 10 as a result of low ratings

The series, set in fictional Palm City, CA, follows Vince Faraday, a honest detective who decides to leave the police force after he witnesses the murder of a new police chief by a mysterious individual known as "Chess". Faraday accepts an offer to work for a private security firm named ARK, owned and operated by billionaire entrepreneur Peter Fleming. ARK is petitioning Palm City to privatize the police and public safety operations.
An e-mail from an investigative blogger known only as "Orwell" leads Faraday and his partner, Marty Voyt, to a cargo train owned by Fleming's firm. They discover the train is smuggling implosive WMDs inside children toys. Unfortunately, Voyt set up Faraday and delivers him to "Chess", who is Fleming the CEO of ARK. Fleming frames Faraday for the police chief's murder and sends his security team after Faraday (televised by News channels) ending with a tanker explosion.
The entire city (including Faraday's family) now believes Faraday is "Chess" and has perished in the explosion. Faraday is abducted, but then becomes accepted, by "The Carnival of Crime", a traveling circus turned bank robbery ring. Their ring leader, Max Malini, trains Faraday to use a special black cape for defense against his intended foes. Faraday convinces himself to not reveal his survival as this would endanger his wife and son. He then decides to fight Palm City's corruption and clear his name by adopting the visage of his son's favorite comic book hero, The Cape.

The Cape 暗侠 《暗侠》获得正式续订,多少让人松了一口气。作为2010至2011播出季广播网上少有的几部幻想剧之一,再加上人气偶像Summer Glau的加盟,使我们对这部剧集多了几分期待。故事发生在虚拟的棕榈城里(佛罗里达也有一个棕榈城,不知道是不是同一座城市),来自《急诊室的故事》(ER)的David Lyons扮演刚正不阿的警察Vince Faraday。由于司法系统的腐败,Vince不仅遭人陷害,被指认为连环谋杀案的主犯,还遭到黑恶势力的联合围剿。黑恶势力认为他们杀死了Vince,但Vince早已秘密躲藏起来。他被迫放弃以前的生活,离开心爱的妻子Dana(Jennifer Ferrin扮演)和儿子Trip(Ryan Wynott扮演)。
  为了洗清罪名,早日与家人团聚,Vince决定独自扫清盘踞棕榈城的黑恶势力。Vince从儿子最喜爱的漫画英雄「暗侠」身上得到启发,为自己定做了一身暗侠的「战斗服」和斗篷,向昔日的敌人再次宣战。有趣的是,为Vince提供帮助并对他进行技巧训练的,竟然是Vince昔日的对手、银行劫匪头目Max Malini(Keith David扮演)。神出鬼没的暗侠很快成了棕榈城中的热门话题,那些曾经肆意践踏法律的恶棍变得惶惶不可终日。亿万富翁Peter Fleming(James Frain扮演)是暗侠的死敌。每当夜晚降临的时候,Peter摇身一变,成了棕榈城中最恐怖的变态杀手:棋王。「暗侠」斗「棋王」的故事引起了很多人的关注,私人调查员兼博客写手Orwell(Summer Glau扮演)就是其中之一。和Vince一样,Orwell对棕榈城的腐败和黑暗深恶痛绝。利用自己双手敲出的文字,Orwell勇敢地向黑恶势力宣战。当黑恶势力对Orwell起杀心之时,她生命中的救星--暗侠--出现了。

【中 文 名】 : 暗侠 第一季

【英 文 名】 : The Cape Season 1
【电 视 台】 : NBC
【首播时间】 : 2011年01月09日
【播出时间】:每周一晚 9/10c
【导 演】 : Barry Peterson
【编 剧】:汤姆·维勒/Tom Wheeler
【摄 影】:Barry Peterson
【演 员】 : David Lyons .... Vince Faraday
  Jennifer Ferrin .... Dana Faraday
  Ryan Wynott .... Trip Faraday
  Dorian Missick .... Marty Voight
  Anil Kumar .... Ruvi
  Summer Glau .... Orwell
  James Frain .... Peter Fleming
  Martin Klebba .... Rollo
  Bryan Friday .... Detective Brooks
  Keith David .... Max Malini
  【地区】 : 美国
  【语言】 : 英语
  【类型】 : 剧情/动作/犯罪
  【集数】 : 第一季共13集
  《暗侠》(The Cape)是一部超级英雄剧,剧中人像蝙蝠侠一样依靠拳头和高科技小玩意来对抗邪恶势力,而不是依靠超能力。该剧的制片人曾在多种场合下表示,他不希望在该剧中引入超能力。
  故事发生在虚拟的棕榈城里,来自《急诊室的故事》(ER)的David Lyons扮演刚正不阿的警察Vince Faraday。由于司法系统的腐败,Vince不仅遭人陷害,被指认为连环谋杀案的主犯,还遭到黑恶势力的联合围剿。黑恶势力认为他们杀死了Vince,但Vince早已躲进了一家马戏团。他被迫放弃以前的生活,离开心爱的妻子Dana(Jennifer Ferrin扮演)和儿子Trip(Ryan Wynott扮演)。
  为了早日洗清罪名并与家人团聚,Vince决定在「奇人异士」的指导下练就一身本领,然后扫清盘踞棕榈城的黑恶势力。Vince从儿子最喜爱的漫画英雄「暗侠」身上得到启发,为自己定做了一身暗侠的「战斗服」和斗篷,向昔日的敌人宣战。有趣的是,为Vince提供帮助的竟然是Vince昔日的对手、银行抢劫案头目Max Malini(Keith David扮演)。
  神出鬼没的暗侠很快成了棕榈城中的热门话题,那些曾经肆意践踏法律的恶棍变得惶惶不可终日。方舟公司总裁、亿万富翁Peter Fleming(James Frain扮演)是暗侠的主要敌人之一。每当夜晚降临的时候,Peter Fleming摇身一变,成了棕榈城中最恐怖的变态杀手:棋王。
  「暗侠」斗「棋王」的故事引起了很多人的关注,私人调查员兼博客写手Orwell(Summer Glau扮演)就是其中之一。和Vince一样,Orwell对棕榈城的腐败和黑暗深恶痛绝。利用自己双手敲出的文字,Orwell勇敢地向黑恶势力宣战。当黑恶势力对Orwell起杀心之时,她生命中的救星--暗侠--出现了。
  Dorian Missick参与演出,扮演Vince以前的警察搭档Marty Voyt。他和Vince一样生性正直,暗中帮了Vince不少的忙。

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The Cape (2011 TV series)
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