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 Lost Girl (Canadian TV series) (2010- )

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PostSubject: Lost Girl (Canadian TV series) (2010- )   Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 4:20 am

Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) Lost-Girl-Season-1-Front-Cover-49486

Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series that premiered on the Showcase Television network on Sunday, September 12, 2010. The series is developed and produced by Prodigy Pictures. The series follows the life of a succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she attempts to contain her succubus needs, help those in need, and discover her true past with the help of her new found friends. The show was renewed for a second season on November 12, 2010

PlotThe series focuses on Bo, a bisexual succubus, who grew up in an adopted human family, unaware of her non-human nature and of the "Fae" world. A succubus is a female Fae (supernatural being) that feeds on sexual energy, with fatal results for humans if the succubus has not learned how to control their powers. Bo's succubus powers only became apparent to her when she killed her first love, forcing her to flee her home. Bo left her previously normal life for one without family or friends, moving from place to place whenever she kills again.

Season one follows Bo's navigation of the Fae world, control over her powers, and her developing romantic relationships with Dyson, a wolf shifter police detective, and Lauren, a human doctor. Bo also searches for her origins - her biological mother and the reason she was abandoned.

The first episode introduces much of the backstory of the series. Bo protects a human stranger, her soon-to-be sidekick Kenzi, from a predatory human male. This leaves an obviously supernaturally-killed corpse, which leads Dyson (and thus the whole Fae world) to Bo. Fae elders are unnerved to find a Fae they do not know in their territory. They interrogate her with disbelief when they learn that she does not know she is a succubus, nor what Fae are and, seemingly most important to them, does not have allegiance to a Fae Clan. Bo learns as we do that there are many different types of Fae living among and feeding off humans, and that there are two opposing clans; the Dark and the Light. Bo is told that every Fae must choose a side and belong to a clan in order to have protection from other Fae and from human discovery. She refuses to obey their rules, choosing instead the side of humans. This provides Bo with a unique, yet vulnerable, position of neutrality between the clans and between humans and Fae. Kenzi encourages her to take advantage of her neutrality and become a private detective. This career and her questing attitude provide a means through which Bo learns more about herself, the Fae world and her place within it.[2]

[edit] CastAnna Silk as Bo – a succubus. She has the power to steal people's life force through their mouths with a kiss, to bewitch people with a touch, and to feed from sexual energy during intercourse. Her feeding usually leads to death, however other Fae seem to be immune to her powers and if she is stopped part-way through feeding her victims may live. She can only seem to go a few days without feeding before the drive overcomes her.
Kristen Holden-Ried as Dyson – a wolf-shifter. Besides being able to turn into a wolf he also seems to be very strong, and possesses a very acute sense of smell, even in human form.
Ksenia Solo as Kenzi – Bo's main companion and room-mate, despite being a normal human. She serves as Bo's "sidekick" and came up with the idea that Bo should become a P.I. She has kleptomaniac tendencies.
Zoie Palmer as Lauren – "the doctor" for the Light Fae. Because of this, despite being a human she is highly trusted by the fae. Since Bo bewitched her in Episode 1, she has helped the succubus control her abilities.
K.C. Collins as Hale – Dyson's colleague and another Fae undercover agent in the police force. He is a siren. He is able to render humans and even other Fae unconscious or fascinate them with his whistle, so that they will docilely follow him.
Emmanuelle Vaugier as the Morrígan – the leader of the Dark Fae. She may be the only one of her kind. In Celtic Mythology the Morrígan is the name for the Raven-God of War.
Cle Bennett as the Ash – the leader of the Light Fae.
Rick Howland as Trick – the bar-tender of the only Fae-only pub in town, The Dal Riata, which is named after the ancient Gaelic kingdom which crossed Scotland and Ireland. He is very powerful, and episode 3 revealed that Dyson reported to him, and his work for the Light Fae was just a cover. In episode 1 he spoke to The Morrigan and The Ash as equals.
[edit] Development and productionOn November 16, 2008, Prodigy Pictures issued a press release that they had been commissioned by Canwest Global to produce a pilot for Lost Girl, a drama about a young woman with supernatural powers. The pilot was to be written by Michelle Lovretta who had previously written for the Canadian television series Mutant X.[3]

On August 19, 2009, Canwest Global issued a press release that the Showcase Television channel, a subsidiary of the main company, had picked up the rights to a one hour supernatural drama series. The cast would include Anna Silk, previously in such series as Billable Hours, and Being Erica as filling the lead role of the character Bo in the series. Kristen Holden-Ried, from the series The Tudors as another main character named Dyson, an inhuman cop involved in a love/hate relationship with Bo, and two-time Gemini Award winner Ksenia Solo as a third character named Kenzi, Bo’s street-smart and fiercely loyal human best friend. Also in the cast would be Rick Howland, from the film Bon Cop, Bad Cop as Trick, a friendly saloon keeper with something to hide.[4] The release stated the series' promotional efforts would include an interactive website, graphic novel, and downloadable video game.

On April 7, 2010, Prodigy reported that the green-light had been given for a series to be produced to consist of thirteen one-hour episodes.[5] Production on the series began in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the spring of 2010, at sites across southern Ontario and at a small studio in western Toronto.[6] Completion of the series' primary production occurred June 25, and the series was aimed for a September 2010 release date.

On June 22, 2010 Keyframe Digital of Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario reported that they had been given the contract for visual effects on the first thirteen episodes of Lost Girl, referring to it as fantasy/noir.[7]

As part of the promotion of the series, an official site was opened at the beginning of August 2010 at lostgirlseries.com. It contained a short trailer for the series, and a summary of information on the series and the characters. On August 20, an interactive comic book was also released that would serve as a lead-in to the series and characters for viewers. It also was expected to have a forum for viewers to interact with the cast and crew before the series actually aired on Showcase. On the same date, a press release indicated that the series cast and crew would be making an appearance at Fan Expo Canada held in Toronto from August 27-29, where they would be answering questions about the series and have promotional items available for watchers of the series as well.[8]

Episode 8 of the series, called "Vexed", was the first episode produced and served as the series pilot which was shown to Showcase to obtain the green light for the series.[9]

On November 12, 2010, the Showcase Blog announced that Lost Girl would be renewed for a second season.[10]

On May 18th, 2011, Variety reported that the American cable channel Syfy had acquired the rights to show both seasons of Lost Girl. [11]

An announcement on July 7th by Showcase confirmed that the season premiere would be on September 4th, 2011 and that an additional nine episodes had been ordered to bring season two to a total of 22 episodes.[12]

[edit] EpisodesMain article: List of Lost Girl episodes
[edit] ReceptionThe pilot received positive reviews, with very good initial ratings. Rob Salem of the Toronto Star described the show as one that "definitely bears watching."[13] Vladislav Tinchev, writer for the German site "Serienjunkies" wrote that the series would benefit from "revealing more background information about the represented world," rather than spend time on "clumsy action scenes." But Tinchev pointed out that "Lost Girl is not lost at all, and has immediately won the audience and entertains them well. And there is nothing wrong with that, because TV series need not be world-shaking events."[14]

Canwest issued a press release announcing that viewership of the premiere was "over 400,000" for the first airing, and "another 184,000" for the second airing, making it the "highest-rated Canadian scripted series premiere of all time on Showcase."

Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) Lost-girl

中文名: 妖女迷行
 Lost Girl
又名:淫妖传说[1] 英文名称: Lost Girl   电视台:Showcase   首播时间: 2010年09月12日   导演:John Fawcett Steve Dimarco Paul Fox   摄影:David Greene   剪辑:Paul G. Day Teresa Hannigan   演员:Anna Silk.... Bo   Kris Holden-Ried.... Dyson   Zoie Palmer.... Lauren   Ksenia Solo.... Kenzie   Rick Howland.... Trick   地区: 加拿大   语言: 英语   出品公司:Prodigy Pictures影视公司,Shaw传媒和Showcase电视台编辑本段剧情简介
  加拿大Showcase频道播出的13集灵异剧《妖女迷行》(Lost Girl)讲述女淫妖Bo(

《妖女迷行》剧照(17张)由获得双子星奖提名的Anna Silk扮演)的故事。在北美民间传说中,女淫妖依靠吸食凡人男子的性能量来积蓄力量。她们看你一眼、摸你一下,你就会陷入昏迷,甚至丧命。虽然自幼在人类中长大的Bo并不想杀人,但她有时无法控制自己的超自然力量。为了不让更多人成为自己的「牺牲品」,Bo行事低调,并且总是在东奔西走,一刻也不停歇。   Bo很快发现世界上存在很多和自己一样的超自然生物,他们有个共同的名字:异种(Fae)。上千年来,和她一样的异种在人类中一代又一代地传递,很少有人察觉他们的存在。Bo对自己的真实身份感到恐惧,但又为自己并不孤独而感到欣慰。她决定走中间路线--既不帮助同类残害人类,也不帮助人类对付同类。依靠自己敏捷的身手和女淫妖特有的女性魅力,Bo每天都为社会底层的小人物打抱不平(人类的任务和异种的任务她都接受)。与此同时,她还将秘密调查异种的起源之谜,并寻找生身母亲。   不喜欢按规矩办事的警察Dyson(一个狼人)和性格像男孩子的人类少女Kenzie是Bo最忠实的朋友,也是她行动时的帮手。不过,Bo和人类女医生Lauren的关系也不一般。Bo、Dyson和Lauren形成了奇异的三角关系。   ● 尽管Bo是个女淫妖,但是她被人类抚养长大,因此不知道自己的能力究竟有多强、如何使用、如何控制。   ● Bo的主要超能力是「诱惑」--即通过碰触就能控制普通人类。   ● 异种的领袖们发现Bo后,对她远离族群的做法十分不解。   ● 变形怪(**)Dyson爱着Bo,Bo也爱着Dyson。与此同时,Bo和金发女医生Lauren相互吸引。换句话说,Bo、Dyson和Lauren形成了奇怪的三角关系。   ● 与大多数加拿大剧集(《第十三号仓库》、《小镇疑云》、《港湾》、《星际之门:宇宙》、《异形庇护所》等)相同,该剧投资不高,采用「超自然元素+动作戏+轻喜剧」的方式拍摄。   ● 和吸血鬼吸血一样,女淫妖能够吸食性能量。在该剧的设定中,性能量虽然不是血,但吸光了同样致命。   ● Dyson本质上是个狼人。他小时候被狼咬伤,从而产生了在狼形和人形之间变化的能力。作为**,Dyson承担着替整个族群保密的重要任务。   ● 同类剧集中总有一两个性格叛逆的角色,而且大多是女性,本剧也不例外(少女Kenzie)。   ● 异种族群分裂为两派:一派正义,一派邪恶。Dyson是正义派的代表,希望与人类和平共处。而邪恶派异种将人类视为食物,而不是朋友。Bo不愿意选择任何一方,令双方都不高兴。Bo与双方的紧张关系将贯穿全剧。   ● Bo一直希望找到生身母亲,查明自己的身世。

Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) Lost-Girl-104

Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) Image001

Lost Girl  (Canadian TV series) (2010- ) 314834d1284508266-anna-silk-lost-girl-720p-screencaps-43
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Lost Girl (Canadian TV series) (2010- )
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